Getting Started

The Barcode Inventory Management app for Ecwid by Lightspeed Commerce is made up of several related tools. Understanding how each tool functions and what is necessary for each tool to work should help you determine how the app can help you manage your store’s inventory.

All of the tools can scan Code 128, UPC, EAN, or ISBN barcodes, to find matching SKU or UPC values in your store.

Tool Articles

Check out these articles to learn how each tool works, with screenshots and complete explanations.

Learn how to generate Code 128 barcodes for your SKUs and create barcode label templates that can be printed from thermal label printers or normal laser or inkjet printers. Customize your labels to include product names, pricing, variation options, and SKUs.

Use the live inventory tool to quickly check the available inventory of items in your warehouse, or to make quick changes to inventory.

Use the add, update, and reduce inventory batch change tools to make larger changes. Capture additional notes about what’s being changed for accounting, improving inventory planning, and other inventory management process improvements.

View the changes made in the add, update and reduce tools with the view batch changes tool.

Barcode Inventory Management for Ecwid by Lightspeed

Barcode Inventory Management can help you manage your store’s inventory. Try now, and get a 7 day free trial!

If you run into any problems, or have any questions about the app, please don’t hesitate to reach out at!