Barcode Inventory Management for BigCommerce

Simple inventory management in just one app

Simplify your inventory, order and warehouse management with one easy app. Use the Barcode Inventory Management app on your BigCommerce store to reduce errors and improve your store’s inventory accuracy.

Warehouse Management

To keep things simple, the Barcode Inventory Management app leans into BigCommerce’s product catalog functionality. The app directly draws information out of BigCommerce to make its tools work. Layered on top of this live information are tools to provide your store with warehouse management basics.

Provided by BigCommerceAdded by Barcode Inventory Management
Product and variant names and options, including BPNs, SKUs, UPCs and current inventory levels
Barcode, label and barcode label generation and scanning
Locations for products and variant inventories Order creation from barcode scanning
Tax setup when creating orders Order picking, packing, and simple order management
Existing order and shipping statuses Tools for quick, live inventory checks and updates
Batch inventory update tools for inventory receiving, updating and disposal
Tools and Data by BigCommerce vs Barcode Inventory Management

Built for BigCommerce

BigCommerce already comes with shipping and analytics tools for your store. The Barcode Inventory Management app was made with a goal of not rebuilding these features. Instead, the app leans into what already exists and leverages what it can, adding on the tools to give you an inexpensive, but effective warehouse, inventory and order management system.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to read more about using the Barcode Inventory Management app, check out our Getting Started article.

Use Cases

If you’d like to read more about known use cases for the app and get some inspiration for setting up or improving your own inventory management process, check out our Usage Examples article.

Barcode Inventory Management for BigCommerce

Barcode Inventory Management can help you manage your store’s warehouse, inventory and orders. Try now, and get a 7 day free trial!