Pick and Verify Orders with Ecwid

The “Pick and Verify” tool is an order verification tool to help you pick and ship your orders more accurately. To pick an order, scan or type an order number into the input field and click “Find Order”. Scan barcodes to check if products belong in that order’s shipment.

Choosing an Order

When you open the “Pick and Verify” tool, you’ll see an input box for “Scan or enter an order number”. This should be the order number generated by Ecwid when an order was placed. You can scan the order number from the bottom of an invoice, or type the order number in yourself.

When an order number is scanned, Ecwid puts “ORDER-” before the order number. Your order should be found correctly if you leave this in, but it’s unnecessary. You don’t need to include that text when typing an order number.

Picking an Order

Once you’ve found an order, it’s time to pick its products. After finding an order, the screen will switch to a checklist of the products that need to be packed for the shipment. When you scan barcodes into the “Scan Value” field, there are three possibilities for results.

The first possibility is that the scanned item should be included in the order. In this case, the screen will turn green, a popup message will appear and there will be a large number on the screen, letting you know how many of this product to pack. You should see that the item is now checked off in the list when the modal is closed.

You would get a different message if the product had already been checked off. If an already checked off product is scanned, the screen will turn yellow and a popup message will appear telling you that it may have already been packed. The large number will still appear, in case you wanted to double check the count. No change will be made to the checked items in the checklist.

Finally, if a product is scanned that isn’t in the order, you’ll see the third option. The screen’s background will turn red, and a popup will appear with instructions to not pack the product. No change will be made to the checked items in the checklist.

You can also manually check off items in the list for exceptional cases. You can also uncheck items in the checklist, in case a mistake was made.

Wrapping Up

A new option will appear once all the items in an order’s checklist have been checked off. If you want to change the fulfillment status of a picked order, you can do so from the “Fulfillment Status” dropdown. The status will be updated, and this tool will be reset when the “Update Status and Clear” button is clicked.

At any point, you can also clear the current order and reset the tool by clicking the “Clear Order” button.

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Hopefully this article has inspired you to make improvements to your inventory management systems. If you’re interested in reading more, check out our blog here, or try out the apps today. Both the Ecwid by Lightspeed and BigCommerce versions of the app come with a 1 week free trial, so you can test them out, hassle free!

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