Create Pickup Orders with BigCommerce

The “Create Order” tool is a simple scan-to-order tool that creates a pickup order from scanned products. The tool can help you quickly create orders for in-person sales, at any of your BigCommerce locations with a pickup method. Created orders will have default taxes applied for the location where the order is made.

Scanning Barcodes

To begin scanning, select the pickup location from the locations dropdown. Next, click in the “Scan Barcode” input area. Any item scanned should result in a scanned item row in the area below.

The barcodes being scanned to not need to come from the generated barcodes from the barcodes and label management tool included with this app. Barcodes can be any code that is readable by your scanner. The scanned symbol will appear temporarily in the “Scan Barcode” input area after it is scanned.

The scanned values will be matched with your store’s product and variation SKU values, as well as their related UPC values. The UPC field can scan with any values including EAN or ISBN values.

Adding More Products

In cases where more than one item is in an order, you can increase the number of items in the order in two ways. If you adjust the number of orders in the “Order Quantity” field, the number will be updated to that count. Alternatively, you can scan multiples of the same item, and each subsequent scan will increase the quantity by 1.

Creating the Order

Once you’re done scanning items, click the “Submit Order” button to create the order in BigCommerce. A message will appear after it’s created with a button to view the order, and a button to create a new order.

Barcode Inventory Management for BigCommerce

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Hopefully this article has inspired you to make improvements to your inventory management systems. If you’re interested in reading more, check out our blog here, or try out the apps today. Both the Ecwid by Lightspeed and BigCommerce versions of the app come with a 1 week free trial, so you can test them out, hassle free!

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